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Protis is the sole application method for IRB submissions. Paper forms will no longer be accepted.

This help site provides instructions and useful information for completing a Protis application.

Please report any problems in using IRB applications to

For IACUC applications please contact

We recommend using Firefox or Chrome when working in Protis.

Tips for completing your application –

If you are a Co-Investigator or student filling out a Protis form, see Personnel on Applications for more information.

Please do not use special characters, slashes or international characters in uploaded file names.

Visit IRB Decision Tree Help for more information on how an application type is selected.

Protis is an online application system in support of research activities that require approval by the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) or the Institutional Review Board (IRB).

The IACUC is charged with the responsibility of ensuring that the Animal Welfare Act policies and procedures are followed.

The IRB is responsible for reviewing proposed research involving human participants, in order to protect them against potential risks of research participation while promoting high-quality studies that can provide benefits to participants and/or society.

Protis is sponsored by the Office of Research and Graduate Studies, and is intended to facilitate and streamline research activities at Utah State University.

Advantages of Protis include:

  • Form selection assistance
  • Interactive application questions
  • Error checks for missing information
  • Form sharing for multiple collaborators
  • Copy, paste and upload functionality
  • Automated submission
  • Automatic notifications
  • Tracking and updates
  • Expedited communication